In 2005 I was recording songs in my garage, but was too shy to share or promote them.  My friend and early Built By Snow sidekick (Jason) helped convince me to push forward and get the music out there.  So I asked some new friends from work to come and just stand with me in a picture as "a band."  In one of the luckiest moments of my life... two of those guys who posed with me (Matt and Ben) were also musicians, heard some of the songs I was working on and offered to join and create a real band.  They mentioned that we also worked with a drummer (Brandon) so we cornered him and got him on board.  That was that... the band was formed. They helped pull me out of my shell and bring everything to life.  

In 2007, we used prize money from a Battle of the Bands competition to record our first album, NOISE.  It wasn't great... we didn't know exactly what we were doing... but it was a start.

In 2009 we recorded our 2nd album, MEGA.  This was when everything changed.  The album was very well received, we got invites to play festivals, gained fans, licensed music to companies including Google and Cartoon Network, and became a rising band to watch in Austin, TX.  This all helped a ton with confidence and songwriting.  Since then, I've been a different person... and everything that has followed has been a result of this album.

in 2009, I spent so much free time promoting and planning around the release that I stopped writing.  It was at least 10 months before I had another song written and I realized that I had lost my momentum.  That was a big lesson, and something that I've continued to struggle with.  Every time I finish a new album, I want people to hear it... but I don't want to stop and commit myself and my time to and promoting.  Promotion is depressing and puts me in a bad place.  So, I don't.  I keep writing and recording, and I don't promote so no one knows about the new music.  Wow, writing this has become a therapy session.  

From 2011 - 2017 we only played a show or two a year.  In 2017 we started playing more often and began working on new songs.  Hopefully a new album will make it out in 2019... (or 2020, or 2021 based on our previous pace).

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Google Maps commercial featuring our song "Something in 3D." How did we land it?  Well, the director for the video heard our song on Pandora and knew it would fit perfectly with the new commercial he was working on.  He emailed, we called google, came to an agreement... and that was it.  No licensing company, or pitches, or anything like that.  Also, something similar happened when we landed our song "All the Weird Kids Know" on a Cartoon Network Show.  Someone heard the song and liked it and reached out to us.  We did spend plenty of time trying to promote these songs, but in most cases, the songs just did all the work for us.